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Flying pattern at our field...
Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark
January 22, 2019, 09:43:34 AM *
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Author Topic: Flying pattern at our field...  (Read 7391 times)
Scott Covey
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« on: April 21, 2008, 12:26:06 AM »

Many members have ask about "Pattern Flying" - and how to get started. Our field has 2 'boxes' painted on the runway, one at either end of the flying stations (cement squares). If you stand on either end, you will see a 'center line' on the runway, in front of you. Then, look left and right (60 degrees in each direction), and you will see a similar line, defining a 60 degree limit (left and right), this is called 'the box'. In pattern, you stay inside these lines and use the center line for center maneuvers. For instance, if you were to fly a loop in front of you, you would use the center line as the start of the loop and the end of the loop, but, of course, you would have a 50' straight-level flight before starting and stopping the maneuver. So, give it a try, do a loop using the center line, but start with straight - level flight and end if with straight level flight. Let's look at the first few maneuvers in Sportsman...

You would 'take off' (maneuver 1) do a procedure turn (not described here) ...  then call, 'enter the box' (after you make a trim pass)

Maneuver 2 - Straight Flight Out - here you just maintain the same altitude, same speed, and are PARALLEL to the runway - not coming in or out. You would split the center line, the same distance line (level flight) on the left as on the right of the center line.

Maneuver 3, Stall Turn without Rolls, at the end of the box line. Try to keep this 'on the 60 degree line', not outside it! Pull up easy, keeping a nice radius, make a nice vertical upline, then slow down, make the stall turn, come back down the same visual line you went up on, and make the same radius at the bottom, exiting the stall turn at the same height you entered it (technically, this is not necessary, but good to work on at this stage)

Maneuver 4, Straight Flight Back, fly back on the same line you started with. Try to keep the same speed, and stay parallel to the runway. (use your throttle stick here, keep about 1/2 thottle)

Maneuver 5, Half Reverse Cuban Eight. As you approach the other end of the box, pull into a nice loop - not to small, not to large, and ideally the same radius you made when you did the stall turn at the other end of the box - this will make it look 'pretty'. Make 5/8's of the loop and start down on a 45 degree line. You will need to roll in this line, so be careful not to roll to soon (a common mistake).. you want to draw a 45 degree line, then 1/2 roll, then continue the 45 degree line and a nice radius at the end to level flight - hopefully at the same altitude you entered on.

Maneuver 6, Two (2) inside Loops, here again, use the center line, and start the loops on the center line. Try to make 2 loops of the same diameter, and you will adjust for any wind. You will exit the 2nd loop with straight level flight, at the same altitude again. Again, use the throttle, don't go into the loops at full throttle, give your model some power on the way up, and ease off on the way down. Try to keep the same airpseed.

Good luck.


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