Annual Airshow

NOTE: Airshow 2017 is cancelled due to flooding and damage to our access road in early 2017. We hope to again have the show in 2018. Thanks for your understanding!


The airshow officially starts at 10am and lasts until 3:30pm, but there are flying activities going on before and after the show. Download a flyer by clicking the image above.
FREE! There is no charge for admission to the Airshow, and parking is free too.
You'll be directed by the Boy Scouts to the available parking areas. If you park in our overflow lot, a shuttle will be provided for you from 9:30am-3:30pm.
Yes. Notify the parking attendants and they will direct you to the specified areas.
Yes! Our facility is located right off of the Coyote Creek trail. We have a limited number of bike stalls, and are not liable for bikes left unattended. Bring appropriate locking devices to secure your bike. Trail info here.
There is one small set of bleachers along with some benches and chairs. It is advisable to bring your own chair(s).
We have a limited amount of shade, so please bring a hat, or you're welcome to bring your own umbrella.
Yes! Feel free to bring your cameras (digital, video, still) to capture the action. There are many good vantage points to take photos from.
Bikes, Skateboards, scooters and other personal vehicles are not allowed past the parking area and would not be necessary at the site, due to its small size. Only handicapped individuals will be allowed any personal transportation devices.
Yes, our snack shack will be serving hot dogs, hamburgers, cold drinks among other things. Please note that alcoholic beverages are not allowed on site as we are within a county park.
Pets (unless they are service dogs) are not allowed on the actual airshow site, beyond the parking lot.
Please visit the directions page for more info, or download the SCCMAS Airshow flyer.
There will be many aircraft available on static display and booths showcasing items at the event, including hands-on demonstrations.
Yes, we try to keep the schedule the same for both days, but it subject to airplane/pilot availability.
Yes! We hold the airshow every year on the first weekend after the Fourth of July.