SCCMAS History

Our organization was founded in 1978 and operated in an informal fashion in the Santa Teresa Park. We were known then as the Santa Teresa Fliers and numbered about 23 members. In the fall of 1983 the County Parks Department was forced to close the park to model aircraft.

From the time of the closure until 1986 we were without a flying site. After working closely with the Santa Clara County Parks and Recreations Department for a period of three years we, on October 19, 1986, began flight operations at the present site location and began improvements. The Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark "Tomcats" where born, and we now enjoy the fruits of many hours of hard work of so many. The main runway is 516' x 60' in size. Combined with taxi and pit areas, which are all paved, we can now offer one of the few flying sites with the area and facilities for almost any type of flying.

The SCCMAS and its members continue to pave the way as one of the premiere flying sites in the nation. To get more information on joining the SCCMAS, please visit our membership page.

SCCMAS Purpose
  • Provide a safe, convenient flying site at a reasonable cost.
  • Provide help and training to new R/C enthusiasts.
  • Be open to any person willing to comply with SCCMAS and County Park Regulations.