Training Overview

Primary Flight Instruction
Primary Flight Training SCCMAS has a staff of volunteer instructors to provide fixed wing primary flight training to club members without charge as a benefit of membership. In order to insure the safety of everyone, anyone who wishes to fly a plane with a gas operated engine at the field alone must pass the Solo Pilot Certification Flight Test given by a club check pilot. This test insures that everyone on the flight line can safely control his plane and knows the essential field requirements and protocols. SCCMAS is an AMA Chartered organization and AMA membership is required of everyone flying their planes at the field. The SCCMAS flight training program leads to the clubs Solo Pilot Certificate and is designed to cover all the basic skills of pilotage which includes:

  • Flight equipment & engine familiarization, A/C inspection.
  • Radio, field and flight protocols.
  • Flight maneuvers, accuracy maneuvers, orientation maneuvers.
  • A/C take off & landings
  • Recovery from unusual attitudes & disorientation.
  • Approach and landing techniques.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Basic aerobatics.
  • Precheck flight preparation.
  • Flight certification test with a club check pilot.

  • Aerobatics Flight Training
    SCCMAS has recently prepared a program of training for Solo Certified Pilots who wish to develop their aerobatic flying skills. Instruction is giving by specially qualified aerobatics instructors to club members with their aerobatics rated R/C aircraft. Instruction is scheduled through the club by appointment. Maneuvers selected for training include:

  • Inside Loops, Outside Loops, Rolls, Cuban Eights
  • Hammerhead, Immelman/Split S Maneuvers
  • Inverted Flight
  • Slips & Cross Control Maneuvers
  • Slow Flight
  • Spot Landings, Short Landings
  • Spins

  • Flight Instruction Contacts

    If you are interested in receiving training from one of the club’s many qualified primary flight instructors or if you have previous flight experience and wish to arrange a time for a check flight, contact:
    Heli Flight Instruction Coordinator

    Dave Neves

    Contact if you are interested in learning to fly RC helicopters

    Fixed Wing Flight Instruction Coordinator

    Peter Vogel

    Contact if you are interested in learning to fly RC Aircraft